Hailing from Merida Mexico, Maria Pompei is a self-described passionate fashionista. Maria’s background in marketing and communications has allowed her a unique perspective on the transformative impact of trends in the world of fashion and design. Her cosmopolitan experience through years of global travel have inspired stylish advice from the boardroom to the runway. It was during one such trip to Fashion Week in Milan that the idea for Roma Pompei was born!

Well known for combining luxury brands with fast fashion retailers and emerging designers, Maria’s instinct and talent for pairing unique pieces keeps her on the forefront of the ever changing fashion industry.

Maria has a dynamic range of clients throughout the world and whether glamorously dressing a celebrity for the red carpet or selecting the perfect power suit for a CEO, she thrives on creating a personal brand for each client that leaves a lasting impression.

“Be original, be fearless, be on the cutting edge” says Maria. “The ensemble can be such an inspiration for empowerment and self-confidence”